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I'm going to start taking Requests, Commissions, and more.
They are open, but the requests are limited.
So, I am working on one for GifsAhoy :icongifsahoy:
She had requested way back in August, and I am very, very sorry for not doing so. I was in an Art Block for so long, and I was having difficulty doing humans. ^^;
But, I am now getting the hang of it, so hopefully I can finally draw your characters!
Here's the free requests slots that are open:

1. :icongifsahoy: GifsAhoy - Humans Zoka Momigi

2. :icontutanturkeytail: TutanTurkeyTail

3. :iconstormers-attitoons: - Zak The Bobcat & Lenny The Lynx



I will do fan couples, holiday pics, and more. Just tell me what you want & I'll do that for you! :D
As for commissions, they are always open.  These are unlimited, so request as many times as you want.

I will do Icons, Sonic Channels, etc.

I am also going to start and Ask Me again.
Just know, Elisa The Hedgehog (My hedgehog self) won't be a character, she's only there for the story. Wisp is my main character.
Just a heads up to avoid confusion!
So, go ahead and ask away! Ask me anything, don't worry! Or, if you don't want to ask, you can also dare me.

That's all!

The Only Sonic Wisp That Is A Cat ~ Wisp
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Watching: Markiplier Five Nights At Freddy's 2
This is my theory, after every comment I read on youtube about it, that FNAF 2 is indeed a sequel, but it's actually a prequel to the first FNAF.
I have my reasons. FNAF 2 is based on 1987 in the date/ time period.
While the first FNAF is based on a more modern time.

I have some evidence too. The Marionette/ puppet in the game is the one who in the small pixel mini games you play when you die, you first play as Freddy and you have to follow the Marionette to kill the Night watchman.
The second time, you play as Freddy again, but you have to feed the kids cake when they look angry. But at the top, they show a crying kid, and a strange purple car shows up as a man appears. The kid looks terrified, then starts to cry, but then suddenly the unknown person kills the kid and it ends there.
The second time you play these mini games, you play the Marionette, you have to "Give Gifts" to the 4 kids in their graves, which I believe are the suits if I'm not mistaken. Then you again as the Marionette, "Give Life" to those four kids. An Icon will appear above the grave you go to, showing the 4 main animatronics: Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie.

I'm piecing everything together right now, this is most of the evidence that I got so far. I will find more in play throughs' & update this too.

I think there will be a 3rd game to put us more back into time for this.

I will further update! *My hands are freezing cold now...

 Okay, now this makes more sense!
So, we all know the messages we get from that one guy who we hear in the first FNAF, yes?
Well, if he's dead in that game. Why is he alive in this FNAF2? He's supposed to be dead, it's a sequel right?
The guy who leaves messages is still alive in FNAF2 to prove that! Also!
In the FNAF2, you have moments where you'll again be Freddy! But, it's the older version, the one we know to be in FNAF1!
You can look to your right & see Bonnie, to your left, Chica! But it's reasonable that you are the one who is the soul of the previous killed kid. You see what those kids see. then it ends with a small quote in the background: "It's Me"
But, the second time this happens, these two start to turn towards Freddy/you, then it ends there with: "It's Me".
The third time, you're still Freddy, but these two then fully stare at Freddy/you. You turn to look forward, then, standing there, is Golden Freddy. Then ending: "It's Me".
I'm putting these rumors from the first FNAF about those small flash scares with Bonnie & Freddy saying "It's Me" to rest. In my theory, the Night watchman who was heard in the first FNAF is the killer of the four kids. I heard that this was revealed in night 6 of FNAF 2, during his message. but only a small hint. It may or may not be true, but this is my small theory.

Now, this is one other mini game, but you play as Foxy. You are in the curtained area with a flashing title: "Get ready!"
Then as it says, "Go! Go! Go!" you have to quickly run to the 4 kids then fireworks/ confetti appears. you do this twice, the third time, you see the strange man again, he's smiling. You run to the kids, but the 4 kids are all dead.

The Only Sonic Wisp That Is A Cat ~ Wisp
Countless machinery came charging from all around the clearing. Hiding among the shadows of the trees, came filling into the open clearing. Sonic, running on all fours, he clawed his way through the sea of robots. One by one they fell, each robot torn to pieces, only to be rocketed across the area by the explosions of each, being signs of destruction as Sonic tore through Eggy's toys. But as if they were a swarm of hydra, for each robot destroyed, another, possibly two, took its place, which took Sonic by surprise, but didn't stop him just yet. Dr. Eggman went all out this time. Dr. Eggman gave a grin of satisfaction. He was watching Sonic, closely. After hundreds had fallen, the evil mastermind began to notice Sonic had begun to weaken, each blow seeming weaker than the last, the frequency of the explosions beginning to drop slowly.
Dr. Eggman, then saw this to be an opportunity for himself. Dr. Eggman called in for a cage, one similar to the one he'd used to capture that young hedgehog girl not too long ago to catch the werehog threatening his plans now. Just when Sonic was hurtling himself into the robots, he had already pounced forward, hoping to hook his claws into the menacing machinery. He found himself slamming into metal bars and he fell onto his hindquarters. He sat there, dumbfounded in a daze. He was caught up in fighting his way through this endless sea of robots, that he hadn't paid attention to what was happening around himself.
Finding himself behind bars, and caught off guard easily which rarely happens to the speedy hero, he growled in anger. His frustration had then given him the strength to continue to fight his way out of the cage, clawing and slamming himself into the metal bars. Hoping to get himself freed so that he can finish what has started and rescue, Elisa. He then snarled in frustration, seeing that his efforts were of no use. He then began to use different attack methods, using combos of various attacks he knew. Each was no match for the metallic bars. Sonic, huffing from the exhausting efforts he was putting into forcing his way out of that cage. He then, tired from exhaustion, collapsed. Breathing heavily.
Dr. Eggman looked down at the two werehogs that he has captured and a wide grin came upon his face. Wide enough, you'd almost think he'd have to shave that mustache off his face to see it! He finally caught that one pesky rat, that he has been so long after. To add to this, he caught his "stolen" captive from long ago. He then gave a thunderous, throaty, laugh. It was the birth of a new era. An era in which Dr. Eggman was now able to create his so long to be, Eggman Empire. He was thrilled, that he laughed more historically and soon found himself in a terrible coughing and hacking state. As soon as he cleared his throat, he looked down upon his arsenal of robots, who were looking at the two captives.

"Now, gather up those two! We must now plan for the future! Back to the base!" He ordered his robots.

A set of four to six robots carried Sonic's cage, while it took only half to pick up Elisa's cage, for she was a lighter size than, Sonic. The robots marched, the sound of thudding metal rattled through the empty and still night. Sonic, who was now regaining his breath, looked around. He was bruised and each effort he made to move, only sent a sharp stinging pain. But he didn't care, he was looking around for someone. He spotted Elisa huddled closely in the middle of the cage, hoping to hide behind her big furry paws. She looked as though not wanting to be so close to these robots and hoped being in the middle was better. There were at least three to four robots guarding their cage with electrified spears, covered in a rubber like coating to prevent the robots from electrifying themselves. They were to jab either one of them, if either tried to escape or make contact with one other.
An hour had passed, but it had felt longer than that. The sky was already turning a milky white and soft pink, as dawn approached. Dr. Eggman had finally made it to the shore of where the entrance was. Elisa yelped in terror when she saw the ocean, and had turned tail hoping to run out of the cage, her lean body, would make it easy for her to slip out of the cage. But knowing what she hoped to do, two robots, who were guarding her cage, jabbed her in the sides. Yelping in pain, she jumped back. Fur on end, shocked. Sonic was focused on watching her, he hadn't known why she was so terrified. He then looked in front of him and saw a vast blue ocean in front of him. His eyes grew wide and began panicking. He was about to do the same only hope in breaking down the cage. Until he remembered the armed robots guarding his cage. He then knew that it would've been pointless and was proven from Elisa's painful lesson on trying to escape. An opening in the sea had appeared, letting in the water that had been washed over it. Dr. Eggman took the lead first. His robots filed into a line and began marching in sync down the tunnel. A thought came across the two werehogs. How are these cages supposed to fit in there? The tunnel was very steep the first few steps. The cages easily passed through, but often scrapped across the metallic ceiling.
Dr. Eggman got off his hovering contraption and led his robots into a room. Elisa had finally begun to see the similarity of this room to the other one she was formally kept in when she was first captured. But this one had seemed to be especially built for a specific occasion, it had a transparent wall of glass dividing a quarter of the room. Sonic was now being released. Sonic quickly ran out and turned around to face the robots, he then shot forward. Fast as a torpedo, but the robots were specially programmed to deal with occasions like this. As soon as he was close enough in range, the robots forcefully jabbed the electrified spear into his sides, waves of electricity coursed through his entire body. He shouted in anger and agony. Elisa's eyes shrank in horror, as she heard the pain in his voice. She wanted to block it out, but her hearing in this form was far more greater than a normal hedgehog's hearing. She watched in horror, then a surprising rush coursed through her without much thought she leapt forward, slamming herself into the metallic bars, only for them to dent. Forcefully throwing herself into the bars as bigger dents were made. She never liked seeing someone suffer, especially if it was caused from her own fault. Her caring passion for her friends safety was her strength to help Sonic. She knew that she was little compared to everyone else, but that wouldn't stop her. She had to do something. She couldn't just watch her newly found friend being tortured. With all the strength that rushed through her, she slammed herself into the bars. A metallic snap was heard as one of the thickly made bars had broke from the weight that was thrown against it. Dr. Eggman felt a growing sense of fear watching this hedgehog slam into the thick bars of her cage and managed to break a single bar. He knew that she was capable of things that he wouldn't dare tell her or she would use it against him, right then and there.

"That's enough! I think this mutt learned his lesson." Eggman said. There was no feeling in it, but there was a hidden sense of fear behind those words.

The two robots then released Sonic from his agonizing lesson. Sonic fell to the ground, he was in bad condition. A couple of robots then dragged Sonic to the other side of the room and began chaining him to the floor. Once that was done, two robots released Elisa from her cage, bursting out and rushing to Sonic's side. She knew her days of helping with medicine and healing in G.U.N would be the key to bringing this blue hero to his feet and help save them both from the nefarious, evil mastermind. Only to find herself jabbed into her side. She yowled in agony as she jumped back. Her fur was bristling in shock. Only to find that robots from behind, picked her up and took her into the enclosed glass portion of the room. The robots held her down as she struggled to be freed while they cuffed her to the floor, as though she were a wild animal. The chain link connected to the floor was very short and only allowed very little movement. She looked at Sonic who was on the opposite side of the wall.
Sonic was finally conscious enough to look around. Looking around the room in a blind daze as though he didn't understand what was happening. Only to see he was surrounded by guarding robots. He heard a metallic shake of chains nearby which then aroused him to look at himself and finally noticing he was chained to the floor. Bars slowly lowered from the bottom and ceiling around him. Enclosing the blue hero to be kept on the far side of the room where he couldn't cause any further trouble from keeping Dr. Eggman from his tactics. That's when he came to his senses. he shot upward onto his paws. He looked across the room to see Elisa in the same Position, but walls of glass enclosed her sides and behind, leaving a gap in front of her. He looked at her and thought to himself. She looks paranoid. Why can't I be the hero she's known and come to know me as? Dr. Eggman then walked up to Elisa. A shiver went down her spine, her fur stood on end. She looked up at Dr. Eggman as he approached her, she wasn't comfortable being this close to him after all he's done to her. He looked down upon her, as though studying her. After a few minutes, Dr. Eggman then went to a small table. He carefully picked up a small, empty needle. He walked back to Elisa, who was now focusing on the needle in his hands, her eyes narrowed suspiciously. He kneeled down, and held out a hand. Sonic, from the other side of the room, growled. He didn't want Eggman to cause anymore pain for this hedgehog.

"Leave her alone, Eggman! Don't get any closer or you'll regret it!" Sonic shouted in hatred.

 Dr. Eggman ignored his angered comment and spoke in an unsettling soft, tone. "If you don't mind? I need to see what has happened since the last we met. Just to see how you are handling... I promise it will be over soon." He had said.

Elisa shivered. It was frightening, knowing after what he's been doing, she couldn't shake off the feeling that this only could add onto the effects of something dreadful happening not only to her, but to Sonic as well. She backed away, only for the chains to hold her back from going any further. Her ears folded back against her head, growling lowly. She didn't want Eggman near her, especially with how he tried to seem friendly now.
But she was scared and wanted it to be over. Then, as though reading her thoughts, Dr. Eggman slowly but enough to not cause her any pain, jabbed the needle into her arm. Elisa's face went pale. She was never a fan of seeing a needle in her arm or anywhere else near her. Dr. Eggman started to take some of her blood, only enough to see what has happened. Taking the needle out, a small little dot of blood was working it's way out of her arm. Elisa began to lick the blood from her arm as an instinct to try and keep the blood in her. Only for Dr. Eggman to stop her.

"Now, now. We don't want that to get infected, do we?" He was holding, what appeared to be a small cloth. It seemed a bit drenched. She was shaking, but when Dr. Eggman placed the drenched cloth onto her arm. Elisa yelped as a stinging pain shot through her, she attempted to jerk herself away, when again the chains held her in place. She knew the substance was alcohol, nothing else made her feel pain that specific way. She knew he was up to something but then again, he could really be helping her. She wasn't sure what to believe. She already held a big grudge against him. And forgiving isn't that easy when it comes to dealing with her. She had her eyes narrowed, but the pain was easy to see upon her face.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think we both want you to be hurt or get sick, now." He grabbed her arm gently, and placed it back.

Elisa clenched her teeth, ignoring and hoping to tolerate the stinging pain. Which soon ebbed way to a soothing feeling as the pain was replaced with relief. Dr. Eggman then stood up and placed the little bits of DNA on a small petri dish to examine. He walked into another cut off section, connected to the room they were in. He closed the door, then put the petri dish on a computer analyzer.

"Computer, scan DNA" He spoke in a commanding but neutral tone.

A small light began to scan across too and fro over the petri dish. Information was placed on the screen about the serum and her blood. It seemed normal, the way he'd expected it to. But then his eyes grew to curious slits. Which would've been hard to see, knowing he never takes his glasses off. But something about her DNA had caught his attention and not in a good way for Elisa. He then walked up to his keyboard and began to see what had made him seem unsettled. He was very nervous, but also very intrigued. Finally, his screen had text on it. Reading it carefully, his face then suddenly went pale with fear and anger. The text read:

Serum in subject has now morphed with her human blood and has mixed with the animal blood. Removal is inevitable. Powers and abilities given to subject will now be morphed into more advanced skills. Reactions and abilities may vary. Side effects may frequently or often occur.

Dr. Eggman couldn't believe this. She has human blood?! He stood there, dumbfounded. Only now for him to put the pieces together and have the realization to dawn on him. This makes perfect sense...! She has acted more differently than the Mobians who live here on this part of my forsaken territory. He then noticed why he was so intrigued by her. She reminded me of some other hedgehog... What was his name...? But he couldn't think of the name. Then again... I don't recall ever seeing her here before. I always know when someone new enters this world, but I obviously never knew of her existence here... He finally knew where she had come from, only due to the fact that he and a few others were over landers of Mobious, but he never knew that it was possible to transfer into an animals' body. Dr. Eggman now wanted to experiment on this hedgehog more than what he had done before. He began to think of a, hopefully, well thought out plan to figure out what to use against her. He was determined to make this plan full proof and not backfire on him like his other thought out plans had done to him.
 During this, Elisa was trying to find a way out without causing so much havoc. She tried slipping out of the cuffs, only to realize that her paws weren't small enough to slip through. Her bulky size was the only thing that stopped that idea of hers. She started to find another way out only for Dr. Eggman to come out. He had a serious expression. He must've been in deep thought, for he was mumbling to himself. Elisa strained her ears, trying to pick up what he was saying but only caught a few words.

"...I must find out what the weakening item is to stop this..." Then, without another word. Left the room and into the main base.

Elisa stared at where she last saw Eggman. Weaken what...? This small portion of Dr. Eggman's aloud thoughts left her confused. But that didn't compare to how she was feeling. She was curious about what he meant but mostly she was exhausted, and her eyes were growing drowsy with sleep. She hadn't gotten to rest ever since she left G.U.N and she didn't even dare trying to sleep in a place filled with menacing robots and an evil mastermind. Her vision blurred with sleep, her body ached. She glanced at Sonic, hoping to see him finding a way out of here. He was staring at the entrance where Eggman was last seen. Then his gaze swept over to her. He had a determined look in his eyes and on his face. She knew Sonic was planning a way to get themselves free of where they were held prisoners in. But that didn't last long as he looked back towards the entrance. Her ears twitched and bolted upward instantly. Her eyes flew open, fully awake. She looked at the entrance where she could see that Dr. Eggman was returning. A long line of robots were following behind him in sync, each holding a different object, petri dish, or vile containing a liquid. Each petri dish, vile and object was labeled to show what it was that he would test to use upon Elisa.
Sonic growled and tried yanking the chains from the floor. He didn't want them to go near this hedgehog, she's been through enough the first day she came to his home planet. He was determined to help. Helping others in need is what he was born to do and Dr. Eggman wasn't going to stop him, not this time and not ever.
Elisa trembled, enough to slightly cause the chains she was held down by, to slightly rattle. Dr. Eggman walked up to her, holding a couple of objects himself in each hand.

"I hope you don't mind, but this is just to see how you are dealing with all the substances in our world. Each object, container, and vile is a specific chemical or item from each thing known to be found here. That way we'll know what you are either strong or weak against. Safety precautions." He said in a neutral tone, but what he didn't tell her, was he wanted to find out what it was that would stop her from finding out his plans to build his Eggman Empire. The only way for that to happen, was to find out what to use against her when the time was right. "First off, lets start with each vile."

Dr. Eggman placed a single drop of a chemical from one of the containers, onto a cloth. He then held the cloth and placed it in front of Elisa, who blankly stared at it. Nothing seemed to be happening. Which didn't surprise Eggman, but he then thought. What if there is nothing to stop her...? My plans will be ruined! Dr. Eggman thoroughly rinsed the cloth and placed a drop of another chemical onto the cloth. Repeating the process with each chemical he had. Only reaction he managed to get from Elisa in the middle of the chemical testing, was a stifled yawn and watched her lay on her side with a bored look. She looked at Eggman with a mocking, bored look in her eyes. He'd seen that look from Sonic plenty of times. This angered Dr. Eggman. She's more of a pest than that blue rat! How dare she mock me? NO ONE MOCKS DR. EGGMAN!
Determined to find out the weakness, he started to show his true colors and forced the damp cloth of chemicals into her face. Only for her to have her eyes cross. She stuck her tongue out to the side. Her expression looked to be one of someone getting hit in the head with Amy Rose's Piko-Piko Hammer and make a weird expression as a reaction. An irritated look came upon Dr. Eggman's face, he growled. WHY YOU LITTLE!
Sonic, hearing the growl, attempted to look and see what that Ol' Egg-head was fussing about. He managed a small peak over the shoulder of Eggman, even from his distance, he could clearly see what had annoyed him. He saw Elisa making these faces and couldn't help but chuckle, each reaction she made only angered Eggman. Heh, she is one special kid. She catches on quickly for such a young age! She sure knows how to make first impressions! Then he noticed an all to familiar facial expression. Elisa had pulled down her lower left eye-lid, and stuck her tongue out, following a familiar teasing/ mocking sound. "Nnnhhhhhhhh!" Dr. Eggman just stood there, stomping his foot, and shaking his fists in anger and annoyance, shouting at the young were-pup. Sonic could hardly contain his laughter, she was acting the exact way he would've acted.

Minutes had passed, chemical after chemical, each one was put directly in front of her face. Hoping for a reaction that he had wanted, but nothing was happening the way he had wanted to.
Finally, each container, petri dish, and object was over with and tested already. There was no contained chemical left to test upon her. Dr. Eggman began muttering in defeat.
"It seems that there is no hope left to stop this... I should've had mo-"
Dr. Eggman was cut off as a robot came thudding into the room. Then slowing to a screechy, ear piercing, metallic stop. It was painful to everyone in the room, holding their hands over their ears. Sonic and Elisa seemed the most affected, having dog like instincts now. They shook their heads, once it had stopped. The robot marched up to Eggman. "Eggman, one last object is found. Should we use it on the organic?"
"You bucket of bolts! You now come to show me that there was one left!? I should pound you into the scrap metal I built you from!"

Dr. Eggman snatched the object from the robot, angered. He looked at the object, and realized what was brought to him. Sonic noticed and his eyes widened in dismay. What he held in his hands was a Chaos Emerald! "Where did you find this?" Eggman inquired.

"Chaos Emerald was found during the trip to bring the organic back to base." The robots glowing eyes locked on Elisa, while Elisa gave a snort of acknowledgment with an un-amused glare, obviously having not forgotten of that day.

Dr. Eggman growled in anger and frustration. What choice do I have? He held the emerald, then sighed in defeat. He then turned to Elisa with an angered expression but secretly hidden, was a defeated look.
Elisa lied there, she knew it was only one more obstacle before he would hopefully let her go. She was hoping to have been safe from these tests, until her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a strange feeling go within her, she had felt it before when she was turning into a werehog, but this feeling was a bit different. Managing a quick glance at Sonic and noticed he had a relieved face as though he knew something good was finally happening. That's when it hit her, Sonic had a relieved face when he was going to turn back into a normal hedgehog! She knew that would be their key to escape when they were hedgehogs, there hands would easily slip out, but their shoes would be a bit of a difficulty.
She looked back at Dr. Eggman to notice he was more closer. She noticed his expression seemed defeated, as though he had finally given up. Good riddance! This was irritating being this walking egg's guinea pig!
As Dr. Eggman approached Elisa, she felt a shutter go within her body. Her body was acting strangely, then again it could've just been the after effects from the serum. Dr. Eggman held out his hand with the chaos emerald. She felt a strong aura from this gem and not in the way she had expected it to feel. The closer Dr. Eggman got to her with that chaos emerald, the more she could feel a strange weakening and overpowering sensation course through her body. Her fur bushed out and her claws dug into the metallic floor, needing to grip onto something. Without hesitation, Dr. Eggman put the chaos emerald in front of her. Suddenly, Elisa was gasping for air as though fighting something stronger beyond her power. Dr. Eggman stared at her, his defeated look was replaced with a surprised look, which then ebbed away to show a devilish grin. He put it closer to her and she gasped out again. Sonic's eyes widened, he looked at the Chaos emerald then looked back at Elisa, watching her in a gasping pain.
Dr. Eggman has now found the one thing that can make her weak and useless. He began enjoying to see her in this weak state, with him forcing the chaos upon her, against her will. She began to shake violently. She fell onto her hands and knees, gasping for air. Her eyes shut tightly in pain, her claws dug deeper into the metal ground, revealing another layer. The ground must've been at least 20 feet thick. Her teeth clenched tightly as the power grew overbearingly strong for her to handle. Groaning in pain, until an agonizing cry was erupted from her.

"Wh-what's happ-!?" she was cut off as a sudden gasp for air and shout of pain exploded from her, her body shook violently from the power of chaos and the serum that had been flowing through her blood stream since the first day she came.

Her kinetic aura changed from cyan to a neon indigo. Almost suddenly, she began to fall from the overpowering feeling. But she forced herself to stay up. She agonizingly struggled to open her eyes, but only for them to open halfway, the pain was easily seen on her face as she was struggling to find out what was going on within her. Dr. Eggman was intrigued by this and gently placed the chaos emerald onto her arm, thats when her eyes shrank in horror and shut tightly once again.
Sonic was struggling to get himself free and stop Dr. Eggman from doing this. He began to feeling a strong, painful feeling and knew that it was daylight. They would be turning into hedgehogs now. But, that's when he heard a shout of pain from Elisa. This is too much for her to handle! She won't be able to take on the chemicals within her, within the chaos, and having to change back to normal!
Elisa was in such pain, that she couldn't find time for her to gasp out for breath. Her breathing was heavy as she was fighting the strong feeling from within her.
That's when Sonic's fists clutched tightly and he groaned. The sun has finally risen. Sonic began taking form of his normal hedgehog self. Until finally it was over, his hands slipped through the cuffs, and began working a way to get the cuffs off from his ankles. He watched Eggman and soon found himself out of the cuffs. He began his spin dashing, into the bars, hoping to break himself free. Dr. Eggman heard the commotion, then looked back to see Sonic denting the bars.

"Guard that hedgehog before he ruins my plans! NOW!" He roared commandingly.

Robots began targeting at Sonic, hoping to knock him out, but only damaged the bars. Sonic mocked each robot, taunting them to keep at it. These toys Eggy made are so gullible! They'll think they're actually keeping me in here when they're helping me escape! Sonic waited for them to finish up so that he could help Elisa.
Elisa felt a rush of chemicals reacting from within her, the power from the Chaos was forcing the chemicals to weaken and be held back, preventing her from transforming back into her normal hedgehog self. The chemicals in her were backed up and building up within her, which sent a wave of energy to course through her. Her groaning got louder and suddenly without warning, a blinding light was coming from her at the same moment, a strong exploding wave of energy had burst from Elisa, causing her to shout loudly in agony from letting go of the backed up chemicals that had been prevented from the Chaos. Sending Dr. Eggman and every robot around her flying back, the glass walls shattered around her. Her cuffs had been destroyed, she finally was a hedgehog. The explosion of energy had released the backed up chemicals and allowed her to transform. The bars holding Sonic back, had snapped like twigs against the strong force of energy. Sonic was blown aback into the wall, in a shocked and paralyzing daze, he lay on the floor. Staring at the hedgehog who's powers had gone haywire. The chemicals within her had seemed to finally slow down only for the small touch of chaos, causing an aftermath of power from the serum had push past their limit this time and caused a final explosion of energy. The wave of energy exploded and destroyed everything in its path. Debree flew everywhere, smoke was flying up into the air as things exploded and was sent into flames. Elisa lay unconscious on the floor, the room destroyed along with the entire base.

It stayed silent for five minutes, until Sonic then moved around the broken pieces of machinery and the metal from the room. He worked his way to find her, until he finally saw a faint lavender outline of the she-hedgehog. He moved all the heavy metal that had threatened to crush her, then blew away only a fragment of the cloudy smoke. He reached out and kneeled down beside her, "Elisa...? Are you okay...?" his voice sounded shaky, but he forced it to stay steady.
Elisa's eyes painfully fluttered open, then slowly looked up at Sonic. Suddenly, movement caught their eyes. A pale outline of a mint green, grass green, and white, pure as snow was revealed. Strange thing though, it was a cat. Sonic didn't remember seeing anyone else come in, maybe he wasn't paying attention? This cat like figure also looked beat up and hurt.

"Who are you...?" Sonic asked gently, obviously never seeing this cat before. To his surprise, both hedgehog and cat answered in sync, puzzled and dry from the explosion.

"I told you... My name's, Elisa."

Reincarnation: Chapter 5
This has got to be one of my longest chapters I've done.
I really hope you liked it!

Dr. Eggman, his robots, Sonic Belongs to ~ Segasonicteam
Elisa the Hedgehog & Wisp The Cat Belongs to ~ WispTheKitty

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Part 3 ~
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Part 5 ~ Here
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I know about only maybe 1/5 people ever read my story, and I'm glad you like them.
I did expect more, but I respect everyone's life and even when busy you never really have the time.
I don't mind, really.
But, I haven't worked on my story in months, and I am still trying to figure out what to write for this chapter...
I got some help from my Co-Producer: Aus-Sum, and know I'm trying to find a way to make it work.
I am also thinking of a good ending already.

~ But, then this Sonic Boom canon shows up, and now I debate whether to change that in this story too.
It'll make a good change in my writing, I believe.
But this is up to you guys. ~

I was wondering if I would continue this story though, just because I'm constantly in school, not very active lately, etc.
So, I'm leaving this up to my lovely deviants here.
I await your answer.

~ Also, if you guys vote yes for the Sonic Boom designs to be the main look for my story, I'll have to do the same for my character.
But this is all up to you. ~

Thank you all.

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Hello everyone. I am in need of some help on what to draw more.
I want to know what you think I should draw more of, or what I should draw.
I tend to draw many things, but I want to practice my drawing skills a bit.
If you have any drawing ideas, please let me know!

Oh, I also forgot. I am hoping to change my icon soon, if you have or know anybody who does icons, can you please inform me?
I will be grateful.

Also, my birthday is tomorrow. I'm surprisingly not as excited, but I am nervous a bit and slightly excited. You could even say I'm "Nervoucited" Nervous + Excited.

That's all I had to say.
Thank you.

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The Difference Is Day And Night by WispTheKitty
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Not very expensive either.
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Dream Sketcher by WispTheKitty
Elisa T. Hedgehog. by WispTheKitty
CE: Sonic The Hedgehog Running (Graphng Paper) by WispTheKitty
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